Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Is Slipping Through My Fingers....

Here we are at least half way through, if not more, and I can't believe it! We have kept busy with camps for the big kids, MDO and swim lessons for the shorties. Simon is no fan of swim lessons. It's brutal to drive there while he tells me he doesn't like it and wants to stay with me. :( But he needs to be safe when he is by the water.

We have gone through the big boys' 12th birthday, I am still wrapping my head around how fast it has gone. Kevin is almost at eye level with me, Aaron is quite a bit shorter than his twin, at least I have that. :) My dad's birthday is next week, then we progress to...sigh... my 41st. Yuck. Not a fan of birthdays. The kids go back to school right after my birthday and then September brings Olivia's. We go through 6 months of birthdays, the Christmas, then we exhale.

Everyone is doing well, Billy is swamped with work, which is always good for a guy in private practice. I would like to say that I have been good at working out, but why lie? I haven't run since the 4th of July and I managed one Jillian Michaels work out. I am still religious about weighing myself, it's the only way to keep track of my weight when kids are always snacking around me. I also have started buying chips that aren't gluten free, so I can't indulge even if I want to.... Whatever it takes!

Aaron has been added to the orthodontist list, it looks like by the end of 2012, all 3 big kids will have a mouth of metal. At.the.same.time. Ouch.... The dentist did say we could wait 6 months or so, so we may do that just to spread the payments around. When we decided on a big family, I'll admit I didn't expect everyone in braces all at once. That's what ya get for not planning! :)

Simon is trying to kill Billy and I slowly... He has this new sleeping pattern of up at 1 am, and again at 5:30. That's his wake up time. What on earth is wrong with this child? He is three, I figured up a few times a night was in the past... Sigh.... I think he's waking himself up when the overnight pull up gets wet. Maybe he's about to start getting up, going to pee, and going back to bed. One can hope...

I better go, I promised Olivia an HGTV night... :)

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