Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Been 20 Years, When Do They Start Communicating With Eachother?

So my dad had cataract surgery this week and when it came time for the recheck, Billy offered to take him since Simon and Emi were home. Let me throw this out there first. Billy and I have been together for 20 years. We started dating when we were 20 years old and I've known him half my life. So during the doctor appointment, my phone rings, it's my dad.

My dad: "Dana, I wanted to check when I can make the next appointment, since I need a ride."

Me: "Umm, ok, Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays. Isn't Billy there?"

My dad: "Yes, he's in the waiting room."

Me: "He knows the schedule and he's 10 feet away."

I called Billy just to let him know that my dad was finishing up. 20 minutes go by, my phone rings.

Billy: "Where is your dad?"

Me: "Ummm, I'm sorry, aren't YOU WITH HIM?!?!?"

Billy: "No, he never came out."

Me: "GO FIND HIM! He could be passed out on the floor or something!"

Billy: "Could you call him?"

Dana: "Seriously?" (This is not happening. I am not the intermediary between these two men that are 10 feet away from each other and I am at home, at least 10 miles away. Sigh... "Ok, I'll call him and ask him if y'all are on the way, you know I'll be calling him because you'll be driving and all."

Billy: "Yep, that's sounds good."  ---BTW, if I was doing this to him I would be told to put my big girl pants on and get moving....

I call my dad's cell 4 times in a row and he never answers... Now I get nervous...

Me: "Billy, he won't answer his cell, get up and ask the receptionist where your 79 year old eye patched father-in-law has gone."  A few minutes pass, my phone rings.....

Billy: "Ok, I found him, he's still making the appointment, I guess."

I am not making any of this up. They get along, they like each other. But the doctor's office was some kind of weird block that I had to help with.... And yes, I mocked Billy as long as I could that afternoon. But he still took off from work to take my dad to the doctor. Not all husbands would do that so willingly.... :)

This is our last 2 days of school for my older kiddos, then we dive into "I'm bored" "what can I do?" and so on... Have a wonderful Memorial Day and thank a veteran and their families for all that they sacrifice....

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