Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ugh, I Am Bad At Keeping Up!!!

So much to talk about! Yes, I have been MIA, seems like the last month of school is the best time to do a bunch of projects and book reports, not to mention evening choir and band concerts. Sigh... We have been going full speed, and when I have the time to sit, I'll admit I've been picking Real Housewives episodes on DVR over blogging. No thinking necessary with the tv.

We are closing in on the end of Ryann kids at our elementary school. Boo. Olivia is 3 weeks away from junior high and then the shorties won't start kinder for another 2 years. I will really miss HF, the staff is great, and it's going to be weird. Needless to say, Olivia is up to her eyeballs in Market Day projects, a GT report and on the brink of tears anytime she deems it necessary. I assume it's hormones and the end of her elementary school experience, please don't tell me otherwise. I must be able to believe there is an end to this dramatic tunnel, lie to me if you must....

The boys are trucking along, Aaron, much to my sadness, did not figure it out by the end of the school year. It is still pulling teeth to get homework done and turned in, basically any personal responsibility is off his radar. It hurts to watch. It drives me insane to have to corral an almost 12 year old to do the basics for school. Kevin is in his regular groove, doing well in school, getting ready to start athletics next year, but can be so surly you want to smack him... He seems to be a typical preteen. And tall. 5'2" at latest measurement. We're almost at eye level.

My sweet babies are leaving all traces of babyhood behind. Sniff... Whenever I say "baby" to Simon, he immediately says, "I no baby momma. I big Simon." Way to stab me in the heart. Emi is starting to learn to read at  3 1/2 and is so stinking smart. I just hope she uses it for good. Because right now, her evil streak is pretty long. She is a handful. I find her in my make up, drinking my diet coke I left on the counter, scaling the baby gate  to play in her sister's room.... You name it, she's been caught doing it.

Billy is great, working hard as always, and weekends are full of kids' sports and yard work. I figure it will slow down a bit in June and then we'll get into a summer schedule with  more flexibility... Whew. That's my update, I need to get people ready for the school week and church tonight....

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