Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well Checks For The Shorties... They're Still Really Big.... :)

This morning during quite the thunderstorm, I took Simon and Emi to their well check appointment. Three years old, 3 1/2 feet tall and 42 pounds (well, in full disclosure, Miss Emi is an inch taller than Simon). That would be over the 95th percentile. Big babies... Well, Billy says there are no more babies in this house. Please, I have 5 babies, thankyouverymuch.... Anyway, they are healthy and all is well. Flu shots done and of course we stopped at McDonald's for being brave. :)

Olivia and I have been drooling over different dessert recipes for Thanksgiving. My daughter has requested to be in charge of desserts this year. Fingers crossed that my favorite GF cheesecake turns out. We're also going to try Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese this year. I fully intend on gaining weight next week...

Not a lot going on right now. I am trying to figure out Christmas presents, and waiting for Simon and Emi's MRIs the week after Thanksgiving. Billy is totally swamped at work, he's been having to work on weekends. My dad got back from New York yesterday after visiting his family and seems fresh and the break did him a world of good. It cannot be easy to sit with my mom everyday for 4 hours. She is not the person she used to be, her memory is quickly fading and his devotion to her is unwavering.

My big kids are almost home, I better get moving. Have a good one!

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