Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eeek, I'm So Behind, Let's Do A Quick Halloween Wrap Up!

So sorry for being MIA for a few days, I have no excuse except life was in the way... We did our family pictures on Saturday, I'm really hoping we got some good ones. Every time I looked at Simon he wasn't smiling. Brooding more like it.... Sigh....

We carved pumpkins on Sunday, well the big kids did, my shorties just, "decorate" them... :)

Monday was a little bittersweet, the boys, at 11, decided to hang at the house and pass out candy in gross masks. I made them promise not to scare anyone little. When we were heading back home I saw Kevin leaping out of one of the bushes. They said they had a lot of fun, but that they want to go trick or treating next year... And they got to eat Simon and Emi's candy... Olivia's homemade "Diva Angel" costume was interesting. At least now I know how to make a tutu skirt. (thank you, You Tube!) I don't think she was that enthusiastic about the end result and I feel bad. So let me get to the pics, Emi was Super Girl and Simon was Batman. They loved it, they totally got trick-or-treating after 3-4 houses and Emi would yell, "C'mon everybody!" as we headed to the next house. Sooo cute!!!

Finally my gang is all together...

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