Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yep, I'm Slacking....

I'm not sure there is a reason, so let's just pretend I've posted regularly... Things are chugging along, kids are thrilled to have three weeks before break, me not so much. I try to be done with all Christmas stuff by the time the kids get out from school. That way we just brave the crowds to get their presents for their dad and we spend the break baking and hanging out. I would like to say I'm almost done, but I have my dad and Billy and teacher gifts left to do.... Hopefully tomorrow I will drop off the shorties at school and get some amazing shopping done. :)

My sweet 3 year olds finally got to celebrate their birthday last Saturday. They had balloons and cake, what more did you need?? They were adorable and sang "Happy Birthday" along with us... I just cannot believe how quickly they have left babyhood. Keep positive thoughts for us, Simon has his MRI on Friday to see if the cerebral palsy has affected his brain. Billy is taking him, so I will be at home staring at the phone. I actually feel ok about it, he is with the family he is meant to be with, he is my baby and whatever hand we are dealt he will be ok. Better than ok, he will be great. Coming from detox at birth to his severe Torticollis, we'll be just fine. So here is my favorite birthday picture...

I'll try to be a better blogger. I will. I make no promises, especially during the holidays. :)

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