Monday, December 20, 2010

And Then There Are Those Strange Things That Happen at Christmastime....

So we're knee deep in Christmas break, took the kiddos minus one to the grocery store this morning, early because I don't like crowds.  The weather is so warm out, I'm even considering shorts myself.  Sun is shining, big kids are out front with their friends, it's all running smoothly.  But a few hours ago, one of my boys came out back to tell me that there was a large basket out on the porch.  "Umm, no one knocked?" "Nope, but I was by the window, I saw them.  So, can I go get it?"  With trepidation, because my automatic instinct is that it can't be good, why didn't they knock? Last I checked, people only "boo-ed" you at Halloween.  This is obviously a goodwill gesture---but they don't want to have to talk to you to do it.  See what I mean?  Someone wants you to have a gift, but they're willing to risk getting caught by a 10 year old  sneaking it to your door, because 50-50 chance they won't have to have a conversation with you.  So, they ended up getting seen by the previously mentioned 10 year old, but WHEW, did NOT have to speak to anyone, goodwill done--win-win....  So strange...  It was from my in laws, immediately the drop and run makes sense.  A huge basket of gluten free goodies, Starbucks coffee beans, sweet stuff for the kidlets, and teas for Billy. Obviously a thoughtful gift, but I'm hoping that no one contracts anything from the second hand smoke that is emanating from the basket.  It's hard to enjoy a cookie flavored with nicotine.  It also had gift cards for the kids for Christmas, which my older ones will be thrilled to spend at Game Stop, but my two year olds will have a little more trouble deciding which game to play first,  "Call of Duty" or "Grand Theft Auto"?  What's a two year old to do??? :)  (not really, just gift cards to a video game store is an odd match up for toddlers...  Makes me wonder what my sister in law's toddler is doing...  Ahhh, it's all good....  Even the 4 months late birthday card for Olivia was a nice touch...  Have a failed to mention the uncomfortable and distant relationship we have with my in laws? We last saw them a year ago this week....  They live 15 minutes from here.

My best friend in the whole world is bailing out on Christmas Eve dinner. Boo hoo.  Her mom is going through her first Christmas since my bf's dad died and shouldn't be alone this Christmas Eve.  I told her to just bring her along, who doesn't love the Magic Time Machine?!  And I think Christmas surrounded by 7 kids would be an awesome distraction...  But she felt like it was an intrusion, so they're going to do something with her.  I totally understand, but my Christmas Eve will be a little quieter...  We'll just do our best to be a little louder, just to make up for the missing four.  I think we can swing it.  Maybe my dad will come along, this is his first Christmas with my mom in the nursing home.... It would be nice if he didn't go to Christmas mass alone. 

I should bring this to a close, I'm supposed to be folding laundry while the shorties sleep.  And I may need to turn on the air conditioning, it's got to be in the 80's outside!

EGAD:  Shania Twain in a real life wife swap! Engaged to her ex-bf's hubby... The bf is who Shania's ex left her for.... Yuck....

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