Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week Until Christmas, I Wonder What I'm Forgetting to Do...

Since our Christmas tree is in reaching from the shorties, (hence the ornaments on the top half of the tree) I haven't been able to start wrapping gifts.  My only fear is that I'm going to be wrapping gifts a day or two before Christmas and realize I forgot something.  I really need to go to the gift closet and take inventory.  I was kind of lucky this year, my older boys asked for kind of pricey electronics and Olivia wanted another American Girl doll.  Well, when they want one particular big gift, there's not a ton of shopping left to do.  (Of course if you asked my UPS guy, he'd disagree. ) And the shorties are two, so there just doesn't need to be a huge stash of presents.   In our house, Santa brings three gifts to represent the gifts the 3 Kings brought, and then the rest comes from mom and dad.  So I just need to make sure everything is there and that we have enough tape and paper to get it all done.  I doubt Billy wants to make a Walgreen's run for paper and bows on Christmas Eve. :) 

I tell ya, every year Amazon gets me with their toy sales around Christmas. I have a 3 month free membership to Prime, so free shipping.  But every year I grab a bunch of stuff that's 50-75% off and put it away for birthdays and unexpected party invitations.  It's been nice to have stuff stored away, my mom taught me well.  Shop the deals and store away. :) 

My best friend's family and ours get together every Christmas Eve after mass and have dinner together at the Magic Time Machine.

The waitstaff dresses up as different characters (one year we had the Grinch and it was awesome!) and stay in character throughout the meal.  The place is casual and loud and perfect for 7 kids and we look forward to it every year.  My kids have already double checked that it's still on this year.  I am so grateful to have a best friend for so long and that our kids all  get along well.  Beyond that dinner, our family (just the 7 of us) goes out to eat on the Riverwalk so we can enjoy the lights, it is really one of the best places to be at Christmas.

Now as I type, I should be doing the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, but here I am, wet clothes ready to move to the dryer and I can't even imagine what the kids' bathroom looks like right now. But here I am on the couch with my shorties watching Baby Einstein, Kevin nearby half asleep and feeling like death.  So we will get to the chores later.  They'll still be there when my kids are asleep.  I am really blessed to be here with these beautiful kids and life.  All the dirty laundry that they seem to generate hourly can wait for now, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star needs to be sung..... at least 10 times.... :)

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