Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday and I Finished the Christmas Cards!

I feel like it's a lazy day because I am sitting here with my laptop in the middle of the day, but I guess we have gotten a lot accomplished.  Billy is under the weather, so he's asleep and so are the short stacks.  Big kids are biking out front and I am sitting here in silence.  I finished at least 10 loads of laundry this weekend, so it's break time.

We did the pic of the kids for the annual Christmas card. I did a collage card with 4 different shots, but I'm just going to post one to give you the gist.  They're all baking (umm, basically eating frosting) and the bottom said, "here's to mixing it up, Merry Christmas from the Ryanns" Here's one shot: (ok, make that two)

I have such great kids that put up with my insane requests.  I had them have a flour fight out back and then come inside and fake bake. :) (somehow they didn't seem to mind the frosting everywhere part!) I will say, the laundry afterwards was sticky and pretty gross.  But mission accomplished and all I need to do is pick up the cards tonight and get them mailed.

I hope Billy shakes off whatever he's feeling.  He has a scope scheduled for Tuesday, he's had really terrible reflux and our gastro guy wants to take a look.  Funny to share your gastro doctor with your hubby.  I have a great one for my Celiac's, I just love him.  I need doctors that have a really calm, laid back attitude or I'm just uncomfortable.  And who really wants to discuss the unpleasantness of getting ill from cross contamination of gluten?  It's a yucky topic, so a doctor that is really easy to talk to makes a big difference to me.  I also have Kevin's orthodontist appointment tomorrow to pick up his retainer.  He chose a glow in the dark one. Ugh, boys.... :)  So busy week with appointments and the last of Christmas shopping for me.  I have some returns to make, stocking stuffers to buy and then I want to start some holiday baking.  Any good ideas for Christmas goodies?  We always do fudge and some type of bread (banana, cranberry, etc) , but I'd love to try something new.  Olivia and I will probably try our hand at cake pops again, we're determined to get those things right.  If you haven't seen Bakerella's work, you simply can't miss her blog and new cookbook!  It's on my list for Santa, I hope my bald, goateed Santa gets it for me. :)

So that's our weekend in a nutshell.  My kids have 2 more weeks of school before break, and I have 2 more weeks of my wonderful nanny.  I have been so lucky to have someone watch my shorties to make doctor appts and errands easy for me for the past year and a half.  But she is graduating college and going back home and the short stacks and I are going to have to come to an agreement on shopping and dentists.  :)  They're totally fine at the grocery store, it's the quicker stops to the smaller stores that don't have my favorite double baskets that are the trying ones.  Yesterday we went to Walgreens, you know, where everything possible is at eye level to the shortest among us?!  "Running in just for laundry detergent" took on a whole new meaning! :O  Ahh, but we shall overcome and soon I will be boohoo ing over how old my babies have gotten and how much I miss their toddler years..... 

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