Saturday, December 25, 2010

When I Think of Christmas, Pouring Torrents of Rain Do Not Come to Mind...

Wow, it just got really dark and the rain just started coming down!  Not going to be easy to maneuver all the kiddos to mass and dinner afterwards during a tidal wave...  Oh well, I know our grass could use a drink, so we shall persevere! (However, I will not be blow drying my hair, no point in that...)

Today we wrapped a few things, Billy prepped his Christmas morning breakfast that he does every year and the kids finally got to sit and decorate their gingerbread house.  This year we let the shorties in to help, and needless to say, they "helped". :)

(I am writing the 2nd half this post Christmas Day, yesterday I got lost in time...)

After mass we headed to the Magic Time Machine where our waitress was Lady Gaga and had a great time, just the fam.  I missed my best friend and her family, but it was still a nice treat for my kids and they shorties started to get into the whole costume thing.  Then we headed home, but peeps  to bed and got our Santa on.  The best part is we were totally done by 10.  Worse part, I misplaced a huge chunk of Billy's stocking stuffers. :(  And it's driving me crazy that I can't find it.  But hey, who can complain with 5 kids and the presents are all done by 10pm?

This morning we instituted the 7am rule, which was nice and I'm sure next year we won't have due to the short stacks being 3 and out of cribs.  But today was nice, the kids had a ball and I hope got everything they wanted.  My dad came by with gifts and we also went to the nursing home to visit my mom. 

I guess one of us didn't get everything he wanted....

My dad and Emi, they've become quite the twosome!

Aaron, my mom, Kevin, and Olivia

I hope you got everything you were hoping for. Now I have to be REALLY good with food consumption for a week and then overindulge for New Years. It's all about moderation, right?? ;)

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