Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everybody Has Those Christmas Moments That Make You Smile or Tear Up... And Then There Are Ryann Memories....

As I am watching 2010 come to a close I have been flipping through pictures on Facebook, organizing the new ones from Christmas and I have to tell you one of my favorites from this Christmas.  We have the Little People's Nativity Scene and put it in reach of the shorties so they will hopefully never touch Mommy's breakable one.  :)  Anyway, we're knee deep in opening gifts Christmas morning when I see Simon playing with his new Leapfrog cooking set and I got this picture.

Yes, my sweet two year old is cooking Baby Jesus on Christmas morning.  What have I done wrong????  Fast forward to midday and I am cleaning up and putting all the pieces back to the nativity and Baby Jesus is missing.  I can't find him anywhere.  So, being the perfect mom that I am, offer 50 cents to the first kid that finds Him so I can get somewhat organized and also save my youngest from damnation.

2 days later Kevin comes in from the backyard holding the Little People Baby Jesus, covered in dirt.  Without skipping a beat, Aaron says, "well, He was killed and all, now He is risen." :O  Gosh I love these kids....

What was one of your highlights??

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