Friday, March 4, 2011

Casa De Lepers.. Welcome, Come On In...

For the last two weeks of back and forth sickness, I feel like I live at a leper colony. :) As it stands, I am 2 steps from death, Emi is exploding still, and Simon's pink eye is almost nonexistent. YAY! I claim that as a victory. Billy went into the office, weak, but upright. The big kids have avoided all contamination. I assume it's been my vigilance with the can of Lysol and screaming, "don't kiss her" or "don't touch that boy unless you want pink eye!". I am just trying to help... I have been amazed that with 5 kids, the pink eye is contained. Such a gross virus, isn't it? EWWWW... Ok, enough of the disgusting family details.

Tonight is the school's Dinner and Dance. The music teacher holds it as a fund raiser, $5 a head and you get pizza and then everybody does those wedding dances. (Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, The Chicken, etc) We didn't do it last year and my kids heard it was a blast so I paid for tonight. And it looks like Billy will be chaperoning at least the big 3, maybe my Simonster too. He better take lots of pics, I hate missing stuff like this. Oh well, gives me time to catch up with my DVR I suppose. Billy refuses any Bravo show, so I must watch them alone. :) I hear the shorties waking. Here's to the next blog post to be nothing health related!

Have a great weekend, Kevin has his last basketball game tomorrow and then we have to finish Olivia's big science project. Spring break is 1 week away!

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