Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remember When I Said I Didn't Have Time To Be Sick? No One Was Listening...

Let's see, sore throat, hacking cough, no voice. Check. I could do that and continue to zip along. HOWEVER... Simon came home from MDO with a violent case of pink eye (now in both eyes), Emi woke up this morning with, let's just say colorful and loud diarrhea, and Billy is in bed as we speak. All I have going for me is that the big kids are in school. I have no other positives. I'm guessing this is round two of whatever virus was plaguing the house last week. So I got the shorties down for nap, zipped to Walgreen's since Billy was home and stocked up on the necessities. If the big kids can stay healthy (and I am furiously spraying Lysol everywhere) then it will be fine. I mean, I have to shower Emi every time she explodes, but hey, who can complain. I mean, I have running water! :)

So that's the reason for the sporadic and short blogging, there are oozing and dripping little people to care for. (and one 6'1" man that I hope wakes up refreshed soon!)

1 comment:

  1. Eeeks!! I feel bad for ya!! But, agreed, if your big kids can stay semi-healthy, then you should be good to go!!