Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Am NOT Getting Sick. I Can't, It's Not On The Schedule And I Can't Work It In...

It may be my turn. I was so proud of remaining upright when everyone else was leaning over a bucket. Then Kevin kept coughing and we went in to the ped's office yesterday. (you should see this event when I have to take all 5 kids in, those rooms are small, I have to take the double stroller and then the rest of us have to share seats. :) Anyway, looks like sinusitis, have some amoxicillin and have a nice day. One we were home though, I thought my throat was kind of itchy. And then my head started to ache. No, no, no.... I did the vitamin C dose (does that really work? Hubby seems to think so.) and the Advil. Keep your fingers crossed, I just don't have the time. This is the last week of basketball. Olivia has her science project due next week, the boys also have a wax museum project due then too. (and any ideas as to how to fashion a peg leg for Kevin would be much appreciated!) Billy is really busy with work and has a trip in there as well, so forget it.

So I sit here today, trying not to kiss the babies too much in case I do have something coming and now I'm coughing. Maybe I'll take a swig of Kevin's antibiotic. (not really...) I'm not saying that moms can't get sick and dads can, it's just that I'm the one at home, he's working to bring me cash. I need him there, not here doing my job. So fingers crossed that it's just a little cough. A touch of a sore throat. Nothing a stash of over the counter drugs can't hold down. Because not only do I not have time for this, I really don't have time to go see the doctor.

Olivia has her writing TAKS test today. That's the state standardized test. She was all worked up, but she consistently scores a "4" on the practice tests and loves to write. I promised ice cream, so I guess I should get off of here and pack up the shorties for the car. Have a good one!


  1. Bummmmmmmmmmmmer! I hope you either aren't sick and/or you get over whatever ails you QUICKLY!

  2. I am already sick:( But kudos to you for staying in denial.

  3. LOL Dani!!! Yes, denial is good for me right now... Acceptance of reality is overrated...