Friday, February 25, 2011

Am I Too Overprotective? Well, Maybe I Am... No, I Definitely Am, Ask My Kids... But Get Permission From Me First...

I know that I worry too much about my kids outside. Yes, I watch too much news. We are lucky to live in a neighborhood that has our elementary school built within it. I'd say I'm 2 blocks from the door. Yesterday my Suburban had to go in to the shop, much needed tune up and I tried to pick a day without errands or appointments. Of course it rained in the morning, so I was wondering what the big kids were going to do if it rained after school. Anyway, Kevin was supposed to go to choir practice after school, but I made him skip it since I couldn't pick him up. I just can't have him walk home alone. 2 blocks. I know. He's ten. So I sent this email to the choir teacher: (Lord, I love copy and paste!)

I hate to do this, but I am having Kevin skip practice today because my car is in the shop and I am not comfortable with him walking home alone. (I know, way overprotective, I probably need a sedative. :) Anyway, this way he comes home at 2:40 with his brother and sister and I remain sane for now.
Just wanted to give you a head's up.
--Dana Ryann

Lucky for me, she sent back this response (of course she probably mocked me in the teacher's lounge, but I am ok with that.)

I love your e-mails!  They crack me up!  :)

I know it was silly. I know he could have taken one of the walkie talkies and been fine. Kids always walk home alone. But see, their mommies don't love them. We all know that when we drive by. Poor things, unloved and in unspeakable danger. ;)

Kevin seemed to take the whole thing in stride,

"hey can I get snack and go outside?"

me: "yes, but take your brother if you go out front."  (I can't stop... I'm sure they'll be well-adjusted adults... But will they visit?!?

Have a great weekend, ours will be full of band instrument choices (ack, 6th grade is COMING!) and basketball games...


  1. I am totally the same way with my daughter. My sons were always together, so I worried less, but still, they had to stay in our cul-de-sac only when they were young. Now, though, I have to practically force my 16 year old to walk by himself to his friends, so it can backfire later.

  2. Wow. I have no children, but I can already tell i will be a bad mother. Or maybe the whole protective thing comes instinctively AFTER you have the child...

  3. Dani, I promise, it hits as soon as they enter the house. ;) Thanks for the follow!