Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Food Hangover And Getting Peed On, It's All Here!

Ugh, I feel yucky. Really, when you are militant about following your Weight Watchers points for weeks with no cheating, that one day food fest is gonna bite. Before our food fest we went to mass, where my sweet Emilia peed ALL OVER ME.... She said "wet", I reached for my diaper bag and before I knew it, my jeans were soaked. That was a fun walk to the bathroom of a crowded church. Luckily we had taken two cars and the shorties and I made a speedy exit. That was, after 5 kids, my first public peeing. I guess my older kids had mercy on me and kept it at home. :)

Onto all the food! It was super yummy, Billy cooked all of it so that was an extra bonus for me. We started our morning with potato pancakes and brats for Green Bay. So yummy, here's a peek. He used Gorgonzola for the cheese, it was strong, but I loved it.

My sweet hubby making it all...

We just snacked for lunch, took a nice pregame walk, the weather was beautiful. 65 and sunny after our ice/snow storm on Friday. I'm sure I burned off at least one Frito on that walk. ;) Now our family are die hard Cowboy fans, so that explains the jerseys. We wear them every Super Bowl, regardless of who is actually playing. I'm the only one without a jersey, so I wore Billy's high school jersey because they had Green Bay colors. :) Ignore Kevin's charming demeanor in the pic, I did on the walk... Eww, and terrible pic of the garage, sorry for the mess.

Now for the big game food. We had chips and queso for the big kids, we were afraid they wouldn't go for the Primanti sandwich from Pittsburgh. (we were right with my picky 10 year olds...sigh....) Here's a link for the Primanti sandwich.

We thought it was really good, we bought gluten free buns and it turned out really yummy. The shorties ate fries and the sandwich bun. I consider that participation. Here's our version: (excuse the hideous paper plates, it was a sale)

Dessert was a Klondike Bar, also from Pittsburgh. We figured they got more food picks, but Green Bay got more points. After the game, we all waddled to bed. I checked with Billy this morning and we're both suffering from a huge food hangover and are thrilled to be back to our point counting. I'm sure our excitement for food restriction will be short lived, but right now, the last thing I want is to eat. A pot of coffee, sure, but that's it.

Here are a few more pics, just because I can't stop looking at my precious cuties. :) This time next week, my shorties start a Mother's Day Out program twice a week and I will be a blubbering mess. No more babies in this house. :(  Have a great Monday!

My beautiful family

My Sweet Simon and I

The Great Guy and His Sandwich

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