Sunday, February 20, 2011

They Just Started Dropping Like Flies... Gross Flies That Need To Be Picked Up After...

Ugh, what a weekend! Friday morning I was not feeling too great, but nothing to really think about when I changed Emi's diaper. And clothes. And then aired out the room. LORD. Let's just say, umm, unusual and awful diaper. Put the shorties down for nap and went on with it. Three hours later, Emi is still asleep and I'm beginning to think the weekend might not be much fun. After I talked to Billy who apparently was suffering at work and changing Emi's diaper and clothes again, I sensed a trend. By 5 pm, I had another kid ill, hubby in bed telling me even his skin hurt.... 11 pm, another one was cradling a trashcan. I don't know what kind of bug this was, but it was speeding through this family and I refused to join in. I slept on the pull out bed. Billy had the cooties, I wasn't about to sleep that close. Kevin was on a nearby couch affectionately snuggled up to a trashcan, other kids littered about the house with their very own can. Simon actually woke up every two hours crying, but that's it. (the older kids said a big part of the bug was terrible stomach cramps, so maybe that was it.) At 5 am, Aaron meets me in the hallway upstairs. "I feel GREAT! And I'm not tired or anything." My response? "That's great, go straight back to bed, it's 5 and I have to deal with sick people."

Saturday morning Billy was still flat on his back (I still think he got the worst of it.), I had 3 relatively healthy kids and one that was showing signs of joining in on the sick-fest. Ugh. I tell ya, this is why people have one child. They get sick, you nurse them back, read to them while you cuddle and then they are back, good as new. FIVE kids? Forget the cuddling and reading, it's a freak show. You are coming back and forth with trashcans, trash bags for those cans, cuz who wants to wash out the can? Then the smallest ones have the most offensive smells coming out of them and they can't help or tell you or wait just a second. Yuck. Really, if you're still reading, I'm not sure why, but I love you for it. :) The washing machine is in full force, the house is a wreck, but who cares. And really, I did consider just eating the coffee beans, who had the time for brewing? I'm pretty sure I was un-friended by some people on Facebook that did NOT want to hear about the happenings I was living through. That's ok, I needed to vent, it was my platform.

So here I sit, late Sunday afternoon. All appears to be well. Everyone is eating normally, nothing is coming back out, kids are fighting over the Wii, and the shorties are refusing their second nap... Ahhh, my family is back. Here's to hoping the week is uneventful and healthy. :)

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  1. Oh, you poor thing. I have been there. It's no fun, but what a relief when the bug leaves the house. You were lucky not to catch it. I think the Lord watches out for us mothers when everyone else is sick!