Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great 2011 Blizzard of South Texas... Or a Dusting if You Live Anywhere Else...

Well, I can always look back at these pics if I ever need a giggle. They forecast snow for late last night, possibly 1-2 inches. My kids were SO excited. They miss snow. We spent 3 years living in Connecticut and they still remember all that snow. (as do I, but my memories are terrifying flashbacks) This morning by 6:30, schools were closed and my big kids were outside in the dark playing with the "snow".
(can you see it?)

By 8 a.m., the neighbor kids were out and Billy and I had the shorties bundled up for their first snow and pictures quickly taken. I mean, geez, it was still 22 degrees out.

Then my workaholic hubby went in to work. I kid you not. I wasn't worried about his driving, Connecticut taught us how to do that, but everyone else scared me. No offense to my locals, but ummm, you can't drive in ice. Honestly, you aren't that great in rain either. I guess we just don't get enough practice to perfect it. Billy called an hour and a half later, right as he got into work.

So we played, got warm by the fire, made smores, and driveway angels.

Olivia even brought in a... umm.. snow boulder??

But here we are, 2:30 in the afternoon, neighbor kids nowhere in sight and only one of my kids outside. The snow is melting and I guess they got over it. They're Texans, we can only do cold for so long.... Can you imagine what those Chicagoans think of us???  :)  Happy Weekend!


  1. It was -13 here during the snow storm.. and the Dutchesss.. oh the dutchess... She flew home for 80* beaches.. into a blizzard off the lake... hmmmmmm I'll take Texas...

  2. Those photos are great. It was so nice to hear that your family is similar to mine. You have beautiful kids!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I agree Kristen, it is always nice to find someone dealing with a similar situation. :) Thanks for the follow, maybe one day I'll hit 10! :D