Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh, We Texans Don't Do Cold Well....

Now I feel like I can giggle about it, somehow I managed to survive living in Connecticut for three years when my big kids were little. (if that makes sense) So I can hop in my Suburban and go, unlike so many of my fellow South Texans. :) All after school activities at the school have been cancelled, and now that we "might" get a dusting tonight, I figure they will probably cancel classes. My kids have really missed the snow, so I hope for them that they get something, anything. I mean icicles would make them happy. :)

I would have blogged yesterday, but we had no power for most of the day. They warned us about rolling blackouts, but mine never rolled. SO the shorties and I packed up and headed to my dad's non-baby proofed house. We tried to ride it out at home with the fireplace, but when the thermostat hit 67, I gave up. :)

So today after physical therapy, I think the shorties and I will head out to the store and get supplies for bored kids. I mean we need the necessary cocoa, smores ingredients and whatever else I can think of to keep the troops happy. So I need to think happy warm thoughts while I drag my babies out in 21 degrees. BRRRR.....

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