Monday, January 31, 2011

Looks Like Rough Week, And I Think I'd Rather Watch From Under the Covers...

Ack.....  Woke up to snot and cough covered 2 year olds. Not a good sign, even after a pot of coffee. My two oldest have been struggling in school, one just because he doesn't "do" instructions or check answers, the other because sometimes that ADHD is the bear that wins. So this week is book report finish line week, I hope to make it with at least half the marbles I enter it with. I worry because of what my little cherub said to me yesterday while planning out the "sandwich report" (each layer of sandwich has a different report part, plot on the lettuce, characters on the cheese, etc) he says, "I can't do the bottom of the sandwich, it asks for a picture. My book didn't have any pictures." And as I slowly turned to Billy who was making lunch, trying not to giggle, Billy blurts out, "the picture is from YOUR MIND, they don't want you to trace one from the book!!!!" I'm glad he said it, makes me feel better when he's the bad cop. :) So we'll see what happens today when he gets home. I also need to paint the bedroom ceiling where the water seeped down from the upstairs bathroom and try not to catch the baby cooties and end up sick myself.

Tomorrow the temps of the 70-80's we have been blessed with will vanish and it's supposed to be a very cold week for Texas. We're supposed to wake up to 19 degrees and that means the shorties and I are staying put. BRRRR..... So, we're off to a long week, hope it's better than expected and I hope to lose maybe 1 more pound before the Super Bowl Food Extravaganza hits the Ryann home. :) I may even squeeze in a work out, you never know! If I get frustrated enough with kids' homework and lack of motivation, I may need to yell at Jillian Michaels after the kids go to sleep. :)

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