Monday, January 24, 2011

And Now We Have A Super Bowl Party Menu! (Weight Watchers points suspended that day)

Well, it looks like this will be a pizza free Super Bowl.  Oh well, I was really looking forward to trying a deep dish gluten free pizza. Bright side, it might have been a disaster and that is never fun when you suspend point counting for the day!  So now we have the Packers vs. the Steelers and our menu will probably look something like this: (unless you know better and let me know what quintessential Green Bay or Pittsburgh food item is missing)

A glorious cheese tray (Kevin and I are quite the cheese fans, so we'll sit close to this one!)
The Primanti sandwich from Pittsburgh (this involves slaw and fries ON THE SANDWICH), hello, this may be worth the extra workouts that will surely follow....
The Brat of course, for those of us unwilling to try the sandwich... I mean, I am partying with picky 10 year olds...
And the dessert of the Klondike Bars, from Pittsburgh! And they are gluten free, so really very little work to make all of this workable for me.

I have already ordered my sandwich rolls from here in town. I cannot tell you how amazing their food is, all gluten free. They also ship all over the U.S. now too!

So that is our work in progress menu as of now, I'm sure Billy will tweek it here and there.  Today I have one big kid home, still recovering from one of his worst bouts of illness in a really long time. Let me know if I have left off some huge menu item that my Super Bowl menu must include!!!


  1. I'm loving the Primanti sandwich. I have never heard of it before, but wow, I'm really wanting one!

  2. What?! No pizza. No! Ok...Its going to be ok....sorry, you scared me. Happy Super Bowl:)

  3. I'm with ya, there HAS to be a way to sneak in pizza!! Thanks for the comments! :)