Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes Weight Watchers Pushes You Too Far and a Super Bowl Food Update...

As Billy and I are trucking along on the Weight Watchers program, (we are sticking to the old program that we have always been successful with) sometimes you have eaten all your points, it's late at night and you are simply starving...  So Billy was up late and took drastic measures...  He ate a pickle ( 0 pts, it usually does the trick for me) but it wasn't enough...  Then he finds a jar of jalapenos, that's got to be 0 pts.  So he starts eating them (I will NEVER be this hungry!).  He said they weren't that hot, he was making his way through the jar and hit a really hot pepper.  Well, what do you do to kill the heat?!  Drink milk!  So he's got a mouthful of milk and realizes milk has points!!  So he's swishing the milk around his mouth, trying not to swallow, but you know it didn't work...  So he ended up ingesting points when he was trying so hard to eat "free foods".  Absolutely cracked me up.....

By the way, if you read yesterday's blog, he still has red dots all over his ears...  He's not backing down on the Nair/ ear hair solution....  Sigh, he is stubborn....

So the Super Bowl food update.  Billy has decided (probably as he was trying to put out the fire in his mouth) that we should start with breakfast instead of just the Super Bowl game spread. Here's what's in the running.  If you know other food options, feel free to comment and fill us in! (Correct us if we're wrong!)

Chicago: breakfast still unknown, maybe Chicago bagels??-- Deep dish pizza
Seattle: Starbucks breakfast-- Sushi/ salmon for the game
Atlanta: Grits and biscuits breakfast-- fried chicken for the game
Green Bay: Breakfast unknown-- Cheese platter, brats for the game

New England: breakfast unknown-- clam chowder, baked beans for game
Baltimore: breakfast unknown-- blue crab w/ Arnold Palmers to drink
Pitt: Breakfast unknown-- Primonti sandwiches
NY: Bagel for breakfast-- Thin crust pizza and cheesecake for the game


  1. Based on menu choices alone, I'll hope for a Chicago-Baltimore game!

  2. Saucy, that's how my kids are picking! Shouldn't you be on a beach somewhere?!?!?