Sunday, January 16, 2011

So If You Take A Weight Watchers 1 Point Fudge Bar And Tweek It.....

If you just tweek it a little, like say, cut it up in a bowl, add a chopped banana, and some sugar free chocolate syrup, can we still call it a 1 point snack? :)  I tell ya, Billy and I are three weeks in and we're struggling on weekends.  During the week, you're knee deep in kids' homework, extracurriculars, the shorties' physical therapies, the week is so packed in, it's easier to not be hungry.  But man, when the weekend hits, everyone is mellow and time seems to move slower around here, the stomach seems to growl more often.  The kids had take out pizza tonight for dinner, and I swear, I thought Billy and I were going to weep.  That gray tilapia on my plate just wasn't the same....  We will overcome, sometimes it's just way harder than others.  At least I have a partner in going without, I can't imagine doing this while watching the hubby put that pizza away with the kids.  Starting the exercise program is next, God help me....  Between Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and Jackie Warner's DVD, I probably won't survive.

This are really picking up steam around here, Kevin's basketball games started this week, thank God he missed the basket when he shot towards the opposing team's goal. :)  He's just working out the kinks.  
My Super Bowl Food Team Update:

Looks like we are down to four: Green Bay, Chicago, New York, and Pittsburgh...
I see a lot of bagels and pizza for the big game.  Fine by me, Billy and I are going to experiment if Chicago advances and try a gluten free deep dish pizza.  I can't wait to give it a shot.  Brats and those french fry sandwiches could be yummy too.

EGAD/ Quote of the Night: "Everybody was talking about New England's defense, they couldn't stop a nose bleed." --- New York Jets' Bart Scott

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  1. I admire your will power. We are trying to eat healthier here too. My oldest daughter has been watching FoodNetwork all day everyday and getting good ideas. You can do it! Don't give up!!