Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Know You've Been Married a Long Time When Late Night Conversations Involve Different Strokes and Mrs. Garrett....

So late at night, after all the kiddos are rustled into bed, is really the only time of day during the week when Billy and I can sit down and talk.  It's uninterrupted, quiet conversation.  Usually littered with kid-talk, impossible not to talk about the five of them, but we try and make the time to catch up and talk like people, not just parents....  Last night, I just don't know what happened....

Billy: "What's going to happen when Willis dies? (don't even ask how it started, I couldn't tell you) I hope Mrs. Garrett and Tootie speak at the funeral."

Me: "Umm, impossible, why would Tootie be there?! She never did a cross-over episode."

Billy: "Oh and if she was in roller skates that would be awesome!" (like I never even spoke)

Me: "I told you, Tootie would never be at Willis' funeral, they didn't know each other.... Poor Webster, never had the same audience."

Billy: "I get them confused."

Me: "Don't be all short black orphan adopted by rich old white people confused. It's racist."

Billy: "Racist to who, short black orphans or old rich white people?" Then he tries to tell me he's never seen an episode of either show.... WHATEVER.....

And this is why I married this man 13 years ago.  I don't think I could have this conversation with anyone else.... 

And just in case anyone else needs the refresher:

Different Strokes


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