Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ok, So I Know I Live in Texas, But There is a COYOTE In My Yard!!!

Last Tuesday night I looked out the front window and thought our dog had gotten out. (my boys refuse to close the gate correctly)  So I open the front door and as I am about to shout "Nutmeg", I think that's a weird dog.  Billy quickly walks to me and quietly says, "shut the door, that's a coyote."  In my FREAKING front yard?!?!?  I live in the middle of a big city, I mean I understand there's wildlife and all, but hanging out by my park bench?!? (and yes, I totally forgot to take a picture)  So as the kids and I watch it roam from yard to yard, I remembered a few months ago one of our outdoor cats, sweet Queso was snatched up by a coyote (we figure, the neighbor found a leg... ewwwww).  Here's the thing, when we lived in Connecticut for a few years, we got the two cats because we lived on an acre and all the neighbors said to because of the field mice...  (totally separate disgusting story...) So when we returned to Texas, along came Nacho and Queso, our combat cats.  Anyway, they have always had a cat door to get into the garage, but one of my boys is allergic, so they can't come all the way in.   So forward a few days and Billy tells me that Olivia hasn't seen Nacho for food in a few days and we better plan for a sad story and a weepy 9 year old.  Well, today our neighbor brought me Nacho's collar.....  That can't be a good sign.  But did a coyote really come back for seconds?!?!  And why isn't he hitting up our next door neighbor?  They've got SIX cats, would they miss one of them?  Or were our cats not as savvy or street smart?  Survival of the fittest, right?  So now my poor Olivia  (and surprisingly Kevin too) is heartbroken over Nacho.  :(  Is there a pox on my house?  It must be an awful way to go....  Sigh.... 

So it's not a good start to our three day weekend...  To end this on a happier note, Kevin's basketball team won today. (I couldn't just end the blog with the sadness)  And for those following my husband's quest for hair removal, the ear lobes have now scabbed up.  And he refuses to stop.....


  1. I'm sorry about your cats! Hopefully there is a happy ending with Nacho. I would freak out too if a coyote were in MY YARD!
    Also, I cracked up reading your post about your husband's ear hair-very funny:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting!

  2. Wow...this is crazy!! We were out walking at Stone Oak Park last summer and a bob cat chased us. It was the scariest thing ever! You should have seen this big girl chug-a-luggin away! I didn't think my short fat legs could move that fast!! I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. I am a cat fanatic. I hope the coyote stays away.

  3. Ok, I am never going to Stone Oak Park.... :O

  4. LOL, maybe hubby needs a gun...