Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time For Me To Put On My Big Girl Pants... And Do I Count Activity Points for Watching a Workout?

This morning Billy and I packed up our sweet shorties and toured a nearby Mothers Day Out Program for the shorties. It was wonderful.... Small class size, great facilities, incredibly nice staff. But MY BABIES?!?!?!?  I know, I know, these are babies 4 and 5, I have done this before, everybody is still alive and as far as I know, mentally stable and happy.  But they're just so LITTLE... (umm, in age, they're freaking HUGE for 2 year olds. Over 3 feet tall and at least 37 pounds of joy) Honestly, Emi will be fine. She was all over the room exploring, even if shyly looking at the other kids.  But my Simonster was not leaving his Daddy's side and when his beloved twin did, he started calling... "EMI... EMI...", like she was going into the deep, dark forest never to be seen from again... Even though she was 3 feet away from him.... He is lost without her, he looks for her reaction to new things before he has one.  So in reality, this is a good thing for him. But my monster has a short fuse. Are they going to know what he wants? And yes, I know it won't matter. He needs to go into the world and figure it all out, no matter how many times he fails. (how over dramatic am I?) And these are my last babies, that of course kills me. All my babies are growing up.

Sigh... I'm going to fill out the registration forms. My caterpillar eyebrows will thank me when I have alone time to get them done. My kids will have a happier, more relaxed mommy.  I will have actual daylight work out time. For that my thighs will thank me. See, I just needed to list the pros and cons. 

Ok, enough boo hooing. I have an awesome low point meal in the crock pot, I watched Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD, (I'm a dork, but I always watch the new work outs before doing them, I am a total klutz.)
and I found a great place for my shorties. Have a great day y'all!

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  1. You are not a dork! Or maybe we are just dorks together? I always watch the DVD before I do it, and sometimes when I feel particularly lazy, I watch the DVD for ten min in hopes of gaining the motivation/inspiration to get up and actually do the workout with them (I doesn't always work, but its an 80% you'll feel dumb enough to get off the couch)