Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I slacked off, I admit it... Let's talk Superbowl.... Food.....

I have been gone for a few days, which I know if I am starting to blog is not really the path to take. :)  Billy and I have been dealing with a really awful (well awful as a mom, if I told you the whole story you probably wouldn't quite go with awful...)  situation at school with one of my boys.  Here's hoping that everything is settled and we can move on...


Aaron and I at Cowboy Camp
We are a football family.  I mean, we live in Texas, so it's assumed, but my husband is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan and seriously just loves the sport.  We have always watched games together, we play fantasy football (I won the Superbowl this year, thankyouverymuch!),  and we have made the Superbowl a family event.  I'm not even sure how it happened...  Every year we start January back on program and we diligently diet and exercise until that beautiful Sunday.  My kids see the Superbowl a little differently.  They go by food.  See, we choose the menu at home based on the teams playing.  Like last year, we got take out from Pappadeux and had fried alligator.  Billy works hard and finding something from the team's town and fun for the kiddos.  So as Billy is watching playoffs, my kids are yelling, "I want cheese to win!!!" (Green Bay) or "No, I want Cheese steak to win!!!" (Philly)  It's funny to hear, they come down and ask for score updates and Billy will tell them that cheese has pulled ahead.

So this is where we stand as of last week's results: (we do have to get creative with some stuff to be gluten free for me)

Chicago: deep dish pizza
Seattle: Starbucks, seafood (sushi will be easy for GF)
Atlanta: fried chicken (I may have to starve) and maybe peach pie? Peach ice cream?
Green Bay: cheese platter, brats

New England: clam chowder, fried clams
Baltimore: crab with Arnold Palmers' to drink (I have no clue what Billy means by that)
Pitt: something called a Primonti sandwich
Jets: Thin crust pizza and cheesecake

Ok, now if I go by food, I'm looking for a Jets/ Seattle game.  Does pizza and sushi work together???

What do y'all do for Superbowl food?  My best friend doesn't even watch the game for the commercials. Ugh....  I worry for her children.... :)

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