Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School and Yes, I am Starving, Thank You New Years Resolution.....

Kids were up this morning by 6:30 (only because hubby remembered in the middle of the night to set alarms)  and quickly got back in the swing of things.  I had lunches ready, Kevin had his violin, Billy was going to drop off the nebulizer on the way to work, we were firing on all cylinders....  Until 12:30 when the school nurse called to tell me I had forgotten Aaron's ADHD meds.  OOPS...  So the shorties and I packed up and drove to school with meds in hand apologizing for my lack of organization.  Not the best start.  :)  The poor little ones spent half of the morning asking me for their older siblings.  Two weeks out of school, they just got so used to them around they were a little unbalanced.

So what do most people do when the New Years start?  Those darn resolutions, "I'm going to work out regularly" "I'm going to lose weight", "stop smoking", whatever.  So here I am.  Back on program with Billy.  We did Weight Watchers years ago, hit lifetime, all was good.  (This was my second stint with WW, I did it in college and lost 45 pounds).  But at the close of every year, Billy and I tend to slide, I get sick of exercise, he misses fried food.  So we enjoy ourselves and then the first of the year gets us back on the horse.  But this year is a little different.  2011 has Billy and I turning 40.  I don't want to turn 40 and FEEL 40.  So it matters more. I don't have a lot to lose.  If I drop 8 pounds, I am wedding dress weight.  But I don't look the same.  I tell Billy I have become a shape-shifter. The number doesn't look the same on the body that it did at 27 when we got married. Now I am kinda pear shaped and it aint pretty.  So I can't put a number on it, I want to have a more fit shape.  (I prefer a number to be able to strive for, it's much more in my comfort level.)  So we started yesterday.  I am HUNGRY... And water does NOT fill you up. FOOD fills you up.  Losing weight is hard.  We will persevere, it's just going to suck for awhile.  But I will look fabulous when I turn 40.  If I admit to it when the time comes. :)

What was your resolution?

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  1. I SHOULD make my resolution be to lose weight..or at least get healthy. We did the Lifetime thing too...and it worked great for a few months, then we just got lazy! I am trying to start this year being more organized. And this means in everything, homeschool, housework, bills, family time, meals....everything. I'm only three days in the year and I'm failing already!! Oh well..tomorrow is a great time to start!