Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Is Trying To Make Me Fat....

Ahhhh, the kiddos are home for the week. We are finally healthy in the house, minus allergies, but this is Texas, someone is always sneezing. The big downside to having everyone home (everyone minus the money maker) besides the charming "I'm bored!" 10 minutes into break, is that the snacking people under 5 feet make me hungry. The will power is shaky, I'm telling you. For some reason, when I am here alone or just with the shorties, I sit well within my points, I stay on liquids when mid afternoon strikes, all is well. But when the older kids are home and want to bake or eat Cheetos, I am sunk. I thought I had it well planned, I bought snacks with gluten. No way I can cheat. But they aren't eating that stuff. Olivia wants to use that last GF cake mix. Kevin wants hot Cheetos. Ugh.... I.am.a.goner.... I really shouldn't chalk it up to vacation. We didn't go anywhere. I don't think it counts when they just don't go to school. Thursday we're headed to the zoo. Does that count as a vacation spot which then green lights bad food?? This is hard...

On other news fronts, Olivia and Aaron had to get new glasses. Aaron picked almost the same frames, but Olivia went from hot pink frames to these really cute ones. Love them! (taken on my phone, not the clearest pic)

I took Emi to see a neurosurgeon about her torticollis. Simon has really responded well to therapy and the helmet. Looking at him you wouldn't even know what he had gone through to look "normal". This is Simon before: (see how tilted his neck was?)

And my beautiful Simonster now:

But Emi is still at a constant slight tilt and we're looking for a solution. The neurosurgeon sent me to a pediatric neurologist because she doesn't need invasive stuff done (thank God). Here is my sweet Emi. See the tilt?

It's a mild tilt, but if you could sit in front of her, you would notice it more and that one cheek slightly protrudes more than the other. Anyway, I am hoping there is a possibility for improvement, mommies tend to suffer guilt for things they cannot control, and I am definitely sitting right in the middle of that party of one. It's silly, I know, no one puts me there, no one says that I had a thing to do with the overcrowding in the birth mother's womb. Doesn't matter. I should have noticed sooner, I should have pressed the doctor more. Name it, I have told myself I dropped the ball. A waste to do to yourself, but alas, here I am. I will get over it and move on, but while I am knee deep in appointments and physical therapy, I feel bad.

Ugh, I need to end this post, too boohoo. All is good, I have a great life, great kids, and so far this week, my jeans still fit! :)

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