Friday, March 25, 2011

Week In Review, Is it Desperate that I Ate A Square of Baking Chocolate?

I feel like this week has been a long one. I mean who's brilliant idea is it to return from Spring Break and then have 3 days of early release from school for parent/teacher conferences? Anyway, as far as school goes, my big three are doing well. Aaron could get organized, (ummm, ADHD so I'm guessing that's not going to happen...) Kevin grades are going up, and Olivia didn't even warrant a conference because she is that awesome. My sweet Emi was discharged from speech therapy this week, another YAY! Simon is soon to follow, he just doesn't have the girl DNA, must talk thing going on. So all in all, the Ryann children are doing pretty darn well, and I am a proud mama.

I talked to Billy about my lack of fitness mojo and he said he was having the same problem. Now is this good or bad? I mean, we can sympathize with each other, but if neither one of us is full steam ahead, how is the other one guilted into exercise?! (Full disclosure, while I was thinking about this, I couldn't find anything sweet to eat, so I ate a semi-sweet baking chocolate square. That is pathetic. Don't tell anyone.) I just need to get it together. I mean, I will be at the pool soon, I need to at least be able to comfortably do that.

My dad (he's 77) asked me if he should be on Facebook. I love that. But explaining Facebook was painful. Then he asked about Twitter. If you think the FB conversation was long, imagine the Twitter one. I eventually told him that FB was great to keep up with old friends and family far away and share pics. I use Twitter to cyberstalk. :) I mean, I follow people I don't personally know. Duran Duran, for instance. Once I told him that, he decided it wasn't for him. :) Guess he's not a diehard Duranie....

Have a great weekend, Aaron has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow, I'm sure the pictures will follow. You're lucky like that....


  1. Semi-sweet baking chocolate is just solid chocolate chips....and those make a great snack. I say eat all you want. Add a few dried cranberries and nuts and it's trail mix.

  2. LOL Kristen! Well, if I'm just having trail mix.... Too funny... I don't know if my scale will agree by the end of the week...