Friday, April 1, 2011

I Have Nothing Witty For A Title, Pity Me And Read It Anyway....

I have been MIA from here for too long. I'd like to have a reason, but I don't. Total slacker, I admit it. I have been unusually busy with kid and family stuff, so when I sit in front of my laptop, I'm reading and vegging. I know, five kids, you have lots of kid stuff to do, but as the school year is winding down, our school is forcing me to attend these horrible "transition meetings" for parents to ready their 5th grade children (translation: ready the parents) for the move to junior high. I openly admit I am NOT ready to send my oldest two babies to junior high. I can't possibly have kids old enough for 6th grade. So I am sitting in the meeting (No way was I going to send Billy. He would come home and I would grill him for info and he'd say, "I'm not sure" or "I guess that's possible." These are MY BABIES!!! No guessing here, mister.) All the parents are there asking questions about schedules, lunches, etc. But then there was that one mom that raised her hand and says, "Do the sixth grade boys have to shower after p.e.?" Long pause from the principal... "We'd LIKE them to." Sigh.... My boys will be naked in a big room next year. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's barbaric really.... I'll be drinking by July just in anticipation..... Wait for the following year when I have to send my young daughter to the lions. I'll be sedated...

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's 79th birthday. We all went for dinner and used the private dining room. It was tough. My dad wanted it to be such a success, for her to enjoy her family. But with dementia you can't schedule when she is going to be "there". And for my dad, she wasn't. It just broke my heart when he was reading her the card he had picked out (the card that he called me from the store to read before he bought) and she responded, "why would she send me that?" Ugh.... All I could do was squeeze my dad's hand and soldier through. Whatever it makes me feel, it hits my dad 1000 times harder.

We are set for a soccer weekend and Billy plans on entertaining strep throat. Came back from the doctor's with an antibiotic and the car overheating with a broken belt of some kind. Awesome. So we're down to just the Suburban at least for a few days. Have a great weekend, eat something fabulous in my honor. I'll stay skinny that way. :)


  1. When my grandfather was in the clutches of Alzheimer's, my poor grandmother was bewildered. Even though she knew that his mind was basically gone, she couldn't understand how he couldn't know her, the woman that he had spent nearly 60 years with. It was heartbreaking.

    I'd like to say that sending your kids off to the older grades gets easier, but it doesn't. I will have two high schoolers, two middle schoolers and a brand new kindergartener next year and I think I will be going through kleenex boxes like mad on the first day of school.

  2. Wow girl! I really admire you and all you do for your family! Sounds like they keep you busy! And I totally remember being nervous to shower after PE but I actually never had to because it wasn't required! I'd probably have taken a swim suit if I had to! HAhaha! Junior High is sooooo awkward in soooo many ways! Sounds like you're kids have a great mama to help them through it though! They'll be just fine and so will you!