Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh Boy, Easter Candy Is Upon Us... Pray For Me....

I hope my kids start eating this stuff faster. Lord knows I don't have the self control. Tomorrow will be worse, I know, darn bunny. :) Yesterday we dyed eggs and smashed each other with confetti eggs. Emi and Simon just never caught on... Next year I figure they will really get it. I'm just hoping all the stained fingers will be faded by mass in the morning.

Today we went to an Easter egg hunt for the shorties. Simon just wasn't picking up any eggs until I told him that we needed to "tidy up the eggs". BINGO. He was a cleaning machine. He is so funny at bedtime, cleans up all the toys and gets quite upset if his sister doesn't help. They say he is the same way at school. :) Here's for hoping it lasts at least a few more years. So we came home with quite a stash and then during nap had our last egg hunt for the big kids. :( For them, I put change in the eggs, better to lay off all the sugar and they like money nowadays anyway...

Just tidying up this egg mess...

Emi with a little sibling "help"
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I love getting the kids dressed up and this year my dad is meeting us at church and then coming over for Easter lunch. I'm glad he's doing that, with my mom in the nursing home, I don't want him at church alone on Easter. Fingers crossed that it all goes well. A gluten free lunch is planned down to the GF brownies and maybe cupcakes thrown in. Counting points is out the window on holidays. Then I just have to hope the kids inhale the candy before I do.

Groupon had a great deal yesterday for $29. Personal training sessions for 2 months, unlimited visits at the place right down the street. I bit the bullet and I'm actually excited about going when the shorties are at preschool. I need the routine, so I'm hoping this will do the trick. It's too easy for me to say no to a DVD on the shelf. My weight is low, but I have low tone and when I have to throw on a suit this summer, I don't want to be uncomfortable next to my stick figure of a best friend. :) Wish me luck!

I better bring this to an end, I need to iron church clothes and get Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes ready. I LOVE that I can make those the day before and they Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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