Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OHMYGOSH, Twins Are SO Handy!

With twins you get one for the front.....

And one for the back!!!

Yep, the boys are starting to do the lawn this Spring. It's hard for me, I worry that one of them will lose a foot. :)  When is this getting older thing going to stop?! Junior high, mowing yards, what's next?! (don't you EVEN try to tell me about girls...)

This is going to be a short one, 5 of the 7 Ryanns have terrible head colds (including me) and I need to wipe some shorties down with tissues and take some Tylenol. We've also had expensive car fixes and I could use a nap. Have a good Wednesday, I'm trying to, but man, is this a day that's screaming for chocolate? (and Dora is NOT helping with her taunting "boca boca chocolatte" in my ear... Really mean......)

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