Friday, April 29, 2011

Peeps Have Been Destroyed, And I MAY Have, Just Possibly Vacuumed Up All Easter Grass...

Oye, I am not in the blogging swing of things, am I? I am happy to report that my sweet kids have quickly decimated their Easter haul and the temptations for me are now gone. They really love me. :) I found myself on quite the downward slope off of my healthy eating. This week I have been really good at watching my points and I am maybe a pound and a half away from my lowest weight this year. I am at goal as far as Weight Watchers looks at it, but this is how it's going to be for the rest of my life. I slip. Holidays come. I reject all forms of exercise for too long. Monday I am going to start going to a personal trainer with a friend. (Groupon had an amazing $29/ 2 month deal, I couldn't resist.) Hopefully it will light a fire under my behind, because even though I am maintaining goal weight, I am  not toned or fit. On Easter I wore this sleeveless top and when I saw pictures I was cringing at the sight of my bat wings. And really, am I THAT pasty white?! That cannot help my look in pictures. I tell ya, the closer that 40 gets here, the more flaws I see in pictures. It's hard growing old. Harder than I thought it would be. So fingers crossed that I really take advantage of this work out deal, I can go twice a week when the shorties are at Mother's Day Out, other than that, I'll have to plan around Billy's work schedule and the kids' end of year schedules. I don't see that happening.

Potty training the shorties has taken an odd turn. We started with Emi all into it and Simon crying at the suggestion of the thing. Now Emi is utterly defiantly peeing in her pants and smiling about it. I kid you not. She's gonna be a fabulous teenager. Simon has become quite excited with peeing in the "big go potty". :) He high fives, flushes it and tells everyone how great he is. Sooo, with that being said, I think Miss Emilia needs a break and Simon will be first trained. Funny, I always heard (and through our experience with the 3 big kids) that girls were easier to train. There's always an exception....

I should go, the big kiddos are almost home from school and I need to throw another load in. So, be honest, I can take it. Did you use the dreaded Easter grass that never disappears like I did, or were you the smart one that used tissue paper in the basket like one of my FB friends was quick to tell me? DUH, such a smart way to go, I feel like an idiot. :) Next year, no grass!!! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. LOL, I couldn't even get past your title without almost spitting out my coffee. Too funny! Seriously, what the heck are Peeps even made out of?!?

    Thanks for following me!

    xox Faith