Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Am Not A Reliable Blogger, I Accept That....

This has turned out to be harder than I thought. I really thought that since I talk so much, this would be easy for me. So not true... Once things pick up at school, or we hit holidays, I neglect this blog. It really does take more effort than I thought it would.

Tomorrow the kids have the day off for Battle of Flowers. Only in San Antonio would we schedule a day off from school for a parade. :) Lucky for us, Billy's downtown office overlooks the parade route, so we sit in air conditioning and enjoy from above. It's an inside family picnic and the kids have a great time. I'm sure I will drown this blog tomorrow with pics.

I have two of the big kids signed up for swim team and the shorties will be in a Mother's Day Out summer program twice a week. I was lucky to find a summer one and I think it will be good for me to have time to devote to the three big kids, take in a movie, sit by the pool, without running after my littlest ones. It may sound harsh, but I am seeing my oldest two get ready for middle school and I want some time before they disown me in public. They have sacrificed to their little brother and sister and I'd like for them to be able to do things they can't do with 2 year olds. :)

I should get up and move. The big kids will be home from school and we are scheduled for haircuts. Not to mention that laundry that is piled NEAR the washing machine, but has inconveniently not walked into it by itself. :)

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