Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Tell Ya, Ten Year Old Boys Can Just Be So Yucky...

I spent at least 3 hours yesterday cleaning out the disgusting area that my boys inhabit. I have been really trying to get them on track with keeping their room clean, taking personal responsibility, you get what I'm saying. They're almost eleven, we're starting junior high next fall, and I felt like if I let them half-ass their chores now, it's only going to get much worse. Every night they are supposed to clean up before TV, then in the morning they have to make their beds, pick up anything on the floor, not hard. Or so I thought. Must be REALLY hard for the mind of a ten year old... So yesterday, the shorties were playing sweetly, so I went to town. With one break to put the little ones down for nap, I spent the whole time going from corner to corner, top to bottom. I crawled under their beds. YUCK. They are simply gross. 2 trash bags later, one spoon in the closet, one bowl in a desk drawer later, I don't even want to tell you where I found dirty clothes.

So when they got home and I sat them down and showed them everything, I didn't yell. I told them I expected more from them. And gave them a clean slate. Keep your fingers crossed that it took. I come from a family that raised boys (another story for another day) and I want to raise MEN. I don't expect them to keep their space spotless, I'm not delusional. I expect them to follow the rules. No food in bedrooms, dirty clothes go in the hamper, make your bed. I do it, they can too. I hope.... :)

Now I told Olivia her room was next. Please don't surprise me and gross me out. I don't want to don a hazmat suit to clean the upstairs bedrooms. Did I mention the orange peels under one boys' bed?! I'm going to have flashbacks....

Have a great weekend, we've got soccer today and polar swim/swim team sign up tomorrow.


  1. I got so sick and tired of pestering my four boys to clean their room. We finally instituted a point system...everything good they do is worth a point and just about every stinkin' thing they want to do costs points. My children now all put their clothes in their hampers, make their beds, push in their chairs, take their plates to the sink, use manners, go to bed on time, etc. In fact, often the oldest will go looking for chores just to earn enough points to go to a movie with friends. The kids can redeem points for all sorts of things from playing with friends, playing video games, staying up late, going out for treats, etc. Every time I want a behavior changed or want them to start doing something, I add it to the point list. They can never lose points for bad behavior...that is the best part on both sides. It is completely a positive reinforcement of good behavior. We have been doing it for about 6 months and it has been truly life changing for me. I hardly ever have to get on anyone's case and their room stays in much better order.

  2. That's a great system, Kristen! We had something similar with earning marbles when they were younger, I hadn't thought of updating it for them as older kids!