Saturday, February 18, 2012

4 1/2 Ryanns Down.... Go Big Or Go Home....

Whew, what a week. I took the shorties in to the pediatrician Thursday, 3 days of fever and cough got us in. I'll admit, I am not one of those moms that rushes in at the first sign of a cough. I have 5 kids and I'd have to move in. Kevin had a virus about 4 weeks ago that sounded a lot like what the little ones were doing, so I waited. I waited to find out Emi had a raging double ear infection. Mom.of.the.year. The doctor kept asking her if her ears hurt and she just kept saying no. Tough as nails, that girl. Anyway, off we were with our antibiotic and cough suppressant. Friday morning we were watching Max and Ruby (current toddler obsession, by the way) and I noticed dry blood in her ear. Doctor office closed for lunch, Internets here I come! (They must HATE it when we Google....) So according to the laptop, her eardrum ruptured. Here's the kicker. They don't do anything for it. It sounds awful, there's blood, and all they do is send you to Walgreens for ear drops/painkillers. I was kind of surprised, but hey, the girl still isn't saying a word about not feeling well.

Early Friday morning as the big kids were getting ready for school Billy says, "my throat is killing me, I didn't want to have to mention it." No worries buddy, I've had a sore throat for days and I wasn't telling you for the same reason... Today, Billy is sick, Kevin has a swollen gland in his neck and Emi decided to go back to fevers. We don't do anything half way around here.

At least we have a 3 day weekend to recover. And then maybe when the kiddos get back in school, Billy and I will have that nice Valentines lunch we planned. :) It may be closer to March, but well get there.....

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