Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Healthy Family, I Guess I Have To Return To The Trainer...

10 days later, I am thrilled to tell you that everyone in my house is well! I took the shorties to school this morning and I think they were officially sick of me. :) That's ok, the cabin fever had gotten to me too. So after I ran to the store for a few things, I got myself over to the trainer after almost a week and a half of nothing. Ummm, OUCH.... I should need traction by morning. I'm quite frustrated with my workout/point counting right now. I have been counting my points and working out (semi regularly) and not a pound of weight loss. That is really unusual for me and I'm freaking out about it. I'm not an unhealthy weight, I get that. But for someone that had to lose a significant amount of weight before and has kept it off for years, any weight gain concerns me. Especially when what I have always done isn't working. Is it because I turned 40? YES. I totally blame that one. :) But maybe not, I just don't know. Maybe I'm eating the same foods over and over and I need to switch it up. Maybe I need to work out more often. (I hope it's not that one...)

I would love to be able to report that my 6th grade boys have it all together and are responsible for assignments and tests at this point. Sigh... Not.a.chance.... I blindly thought that by this time in the school year, they would get it. They would assume responsibility for it. Uhhh, no. I have now decided that they'll get it by 8th grade. Why set a time? Because I cannot fathom doing this, chasing around, asking about daily assignments when they're in high school. No one did that for me. Breathe in, breathe out, and think positive thoughts...

Tomorrow is my Valentines. We had to reschedule with all the cooties in my house last week. This is not going to help my weight loss... But it's to celebrate LOVE! We must celebrate LOVE, right? I mean, Billy and I have been together half my life---poor bastard needs some celebrating! ;)

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