Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! I Got Twins With Fevers!

Sigh.... I must first point out that my lovely husband did buy me beautiful roses that he shouldn't have and we have lunch plans for tomorrow. But today I get grouchy, snot infested three year olds with fevers. Oh yeah.... I probably shouldn't complain, they rarely get sick. This may be their second fever ever. I know, it amazes me how healthy they are. Yesterday I was getting ready to take Olivia to piano lessons and  I touched Simon's arm and it was burning up. 101.8 and we were off... Emi woke up this morning with her own fever and attitude. Poor kiddos. They're in bed now, Simon is fast asleep and even sick, Emi is just looking at books. I want a nap at this point and she's not sleeping.

So we'll see if lunch happens tomorrow or if the shorties are home from school. It's not looking too promising. It would have been yummy though, diet out the window and the best food from The Little Aussie Bakery. All they make is gluten free food and it's ALL good. Their bakery items are something else.... Another time, my babies need me. :) Hope your Valentines is a good one!

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