Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Why Is It That Once Potty Trained, They Sometimes Decide That It's Better In A Pull Up?

My sweet shorties have been potty trained for quite awhile now, 6 months or so. They do still wear pull ups at night, but during the day, we're set.... Until this week... Simon won't stop playing to pee. Then when I see soaking wet pants, he throws a fit and asks for a pull up. This I expect from a boy. Let me be sexist, I have 2 other boys that also regressed on the potty thing. Emi them walks over to me when her beloved "Max and Ruby" ends and casually says, "I pooped my pants." WHAT?!?!?!? I can pause the freaking show, we have a DVR... Then last night, she peed ON THE COUCH.... Can't interrupt Blue's Clues you know... Simon followed up with semi soaked jeans. I swear it's like they're competing....

So I say, with some shame. I am bribing them. Yep. If they stay dry, use the bathroom without complaint, Hershey's kiss. Go ahead, judge me.....

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