Friday, February 3, 2012

The Super Bowl Menu Has Been Set.... Is Yours?

I have to admit, we do the Super Bowl food a little differently at our house. We pick our food based on the 2 teams' towns. It's been a lot of fun finding out what is distinctly from that area and searching for recipes or ordering food shipped in. (last year the Primanti sandwich needed actual Primanti deli meat, according to Billy...)

So this year we have New England and New York. (I know, it should be Jersey....) Anyway, here's how it's shaping up at Chez Ryann...


bagels and cream cheese (thank goodness Udi's makes a fantastic gf bagel!)
and something called beet hash... (the kids are scared) :)


Clam Chowder, that you very much. Yum, yum!


New York style pizza for the kids
and Lobster Rolls for the grown ups. (I'm really looking forward to these, and again, yummy gf rolls)

and dessert, of course, cheesecake. Diets are out the window on Sunday. You know, so Monday I have ever reason to run, not walk to the trainer as I have cream cheese oozing out of my pores... :)

Let me know if you're doing anything different for the Super Bowl!

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