Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frazzled, I Needed That Day Off....

So with the kids home for Columbus day, I floated the idea to Billy to take the day off. Really those ideas are hit or miss, I can claim victory 50% of the time. But when you work for yourself, it's hard to take off the entire day, no one else is in the office picking up the slack. So I was thankful that he could swing it. We kept it simple, he grilled lunch/dinner (made enough for both), we hung out together at home, and the boys and I worked on their book reports.... Basically that's me helping with the printer jams, asking them if they've checked everything over and if they followed the rubric. I am annoying. :) It was a slow moving day, I appreciated the extra hands and he even volunteered to shuttle Olivia to her piano lesson. I am a lucky woman, even if I don't always tell him. :)

This month is going to be so busy. I figure it's because I have scheduled a family picture. Therefore, everything else will pop up. Totally happened. I am knee deep in dr appointments, orthodontist appts, haircuts (for said family picture), physical therapy, office stuff for Billy, and somewhere I will start Christmas shopping and birthday shopping for Simon and Emi... No problem... No wonder I look old.

I have decided that I have really aged in the last few months. Billy won't listen, he's sweet that way, but I see it. I am due for a hair color, eyebrow waxing, and my skin... Lord... I need to find some kind of cosmetic dermatologist or something. (Do those exist??) I need something peeled off or scrubbed down or rubbed on, whatever... I think I have an.... are you ready? An AGE SPOT..... Sigh....There has to be some kind of treatment for all this without looking like a trout face...

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