Sunday, October 23, 2011

She Wants To Make Her Own Halloween Costume?! Doesn't She Know That The Stores Have Them?!?

My lovely 10 year old daughter informed me yesterday after a fruitless trip for a costume that she will be making her own. I am nauseous. The last thing I am is creative and artsy. The good news is that she didn't want the trashy costumes that seem to be more and more prevalent these days for 10 year old girls. I think I was a clown when I was 10. I'm not that old. It depresses me when we go to Party City or the Spirit store and the costumes all involve fishnets and short skirts or corsets.

She came up with a Diva Angel, which I totally don't grasp, but it's kind of a hip angel. White tutu, sunglasses, wings. We should be able to get it done this week. I had originally ordered a Wonder Woman costume, but when it came in, the fit was so strange, I had to return it.

Everyone else is doing well, the older boys got haircuts and I am almost ready for the family pictures next weekend. My eyebrows are begging me for a wax and Emi needs tights, then I am set. Then I have to focus on the shorties birthday in November. I can't believe they are almost 3. It's tough because they are in such a small class (2 other kids) that a party would be kind of silly. We'll probably just have friends and family over for tamales and cake or something like we did last year. Next year they'll be in a larger class and we can do a "real" birthday party.

I should probably be doing something productive right now, but Sundays just feel like you should be moving in slow motion, don't they???

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