Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Lord, She is Exactly Like Me... Poor Thing....

Olivia is my only biological child. Interestingly enough, she looks a lot like her dad (although quite a few people say she looks like me, I think they're trying to be nice...) but personality-wise, she is me. Poor kid. She talks. And talks. And then has a few more things to say. She loves sweets, maybe too much, and that tv calls her name... She is very emotional, one of my weak points, but most girls are, right? :)

About 10 minutes ago she called me from school. "So, how am I supposed to get home?"
Me: "Well, seeing that you have choir in 3 minutes, I don't think you're supposed to come home."
Olivia: "Oh.Right.I..have...choir...Thanks."
Me: "Nerd...."

This wouldn't be so funny if a month ago she hadn't walked home and when I asked her why she wasn't at choir, she looked shocked at the thought. Or if I hadn't told her this morning that she had choir. She is a space cadet. I forgot what I did yesterday. I was hoping it was my old age. Apparently it's genetic. :)

Now I just have to remember to pick her up in 40 minutes. And yes, I have forgotten her before.....

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