Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, It Looks Like We Have A Man Down....

I know we've had such a mild winter and no one has even gotten a cold. Kevin called me from school during lunch just to tell me that his throat was on fire. And the loving mother I am said, "Just take that science test and we'll take care of it after school." :) Hey, we studied for that test all weekend! So I got him an appointment for tomorrow and he walks in the door and says, "no science test, we had a sub." Well, of course.... Aaack... So the test is tomorrow and I am taking him to the doctor instead.

On to good news, Kevin's basketball game Saturday was great (minus the Billy throwing his back out when he took Simon to the bathroom...) the kids won by a wide margin, and I see such a different Kevin playing. He has a lot of confidence, plays aggressively, and I am quite the proud mom.

Ugh... Little secret... I rarely just sit and type out a post. I usually get interrupted by one of many people in my house, the phone, whatever. So since the last paragraph, Simon's insides have exploded more than once and soon after, Kevin's stomach followed. So it looks like two Ryann's will be home tomorrow, no (much needed) work out to be done.

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