Friday, January 6, 2012

That Week Sure Did Fly By.....

Boy, once the kids get back in the swing of school, it all just flies by. Kevin started basketball this week, game is tomorrow morning. I had to buy him high tops and we left with size 8 1/2. Good God. He's 11. Weird part is his twin is 6 inches shorter than he is. They are quite the pair. :)

Biggest news of the week, Simon's neurologist called to tell me that his MRI came back clear.  WHEW... But that he finds his diagnosis of mild cp odd since he can't find it in his brain. So we're in a monitoring phase along with continuing his physical therapy. I can do that, no problem. The doctor did say that we may either see more difficulties with spatial abilities as he gets older or that epilepsy could appear. Well, that's no sweat off my nose (is that a real saying?), I have epilepsy myself, so we aren't in uncharted territory at all. Most importantly, my sweet, sweet Simon seems to be ok. And if something appears later, we will deal with whatever he has. I believe more and more each day that this is the home God intended for this boy from the beginning. :)

Drama news... Olivia came home from school yesterday freaking out because some boy told her that another boy said she was "dating" him. I put quotes on dating because these are 5th graders and it involves saying you're dating and then seeing each other at school. They rarely even talk on the phone. Anyway, then she said when she went to pack up for the day, this lovebird put an envelope in her cubby with a necklace in it. That boy is claiming his woman, isn't he?! She is mortified, she has no interest in any of this and she just wants him to leave her alone. That's my girl! :) Today she didn't say a word to him, but I'm sure there is more to come...

Well, tonight is game night at the Ryann's, so I must end this before I get yelled at. :) Have a great weekend!!

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