Monday, October 4, 2010

As my oldest daughter falls asleep after upchucking....

I am sitting here wondering what my sleep pattern will be tonight. My poor Olivia didn't make it through the school day, and Emi started to get feverish by bedtime. I see a long week ahead for me. I mean, Billy and I instilled a great sense of sharing.... illness. Markers or art supplies, FORGET IT. But germs and barf, they are beyond giving...

I would have already typed at least 1 other paragraph, if not 2 by now if hubby would stop talking to me about various ESPN commentators. I try to care, I mean it's probably akin to discussing shows on Bravo (I admit, I just can't walk away from that channel). In fairness, I know he's glazed over when I want to talk about The NJ Housewives... We took vows, this is what you do for each other.

So I sit here, not watching the New England/ Miami game with Billy and Kevin with poor Aaron still doing homework. 5th grade has truly been a struggle for them both. We are trying to make them own it, not hold their hands and make them responsible for homework and studying. It's only October and it's killing me. I want them to be ready for middle school (God knows I won't be) but it's going to be painful, grades are lower and there's a little less peace around here at night.

I will end it with the good and the bad. Good news, the HEB brand gluten free pasta was fab, yay for $2.99 pasta! Bad news, moment of silence for Michael Vick's injury yesterday, he is now listed as day-to-day. He is Billy's quaterback in Fantasy Football.

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