Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes those holiday Mondays really mess me up....

I almost forgot the shorties had physical therapy today because all day I have thought it was Monday. We had a long three day weekend, Billy lost a cousin to cancer, I was sick for a good chunk and I am realizing that the end of year is descending upon me and I'm not sure I'm in the mood. :) I need to figure out Simon and Emi's birthday gifts and party date, since it's right before Thanksgiving. I also need to get my law office manager hat on, with the holidays approaching, it's my job to get Christmas cards and gifts ordered and sent off before I really get trucking on family Christmas stuff.

This week Billy is supposed to hear from a guy that (I'll keep this completely basic, I'll pretend I'm talking to myself) does prototypes. One of the next steps in Billy's venture is to be able to show a prototype of his widget to prospective investors. My fingers are crossed for him, the last offer was $100,000 because he doesn't just make one. Great, so if we crater, we get to keep 10,000 useless widgets in our garage with the Christmas tree. Fantastic.

I should be hearing footsteps at the door soon, my 5th graders should be home any second. Then homework wrangling begins... "What do you have to get done", "What do you mean you didn't bring it home", etc.... Definitely one of the more trying times of the day.

I swear one of the most embarrassing things to happen for me is when one of my FIFTH graders comes to me stuck on a math question and I have to say, "hang on, what are they asking for?" or "I don't remember that from school". I mean I expected that to happen, but not in fifth grade! I was never a great math student, but to get stumped by a 10 year old's assignment is mortifying. I guess it could be worse, it could've happened when they were 3rd graders. :) I look at those two boys and I remember flying to meet them and take them home. It feels like yesterday when Billy and I were alone with them in the hotel room, waiting for the ok to leave the state with our babies and staring at each other like, now what?! They were so tiny, 5 lbs each. And here I am now watching them in their last year of elementary school. They are turning into such sweet young men, but Kevin is already "not noticing" me in the hallway at school, or giving me a head tilt instead of a hug. Ugh, it's the worst. But this is what is supposed to happen, right? But boy, does it hurt. :(

.... Best thing of the weekend? My sweet Emi has moved from "momma" to "mommy". I just don't know why that sounds so much sweeter.....

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