Friday, December 9, 2011

I Really Needed This Week To End...

They just seem to squeeze so much into the weeks before Christmas break... Tuesday was Olivia's choir concert, we piled everyone into the car and headed out. Bad part was the PTA meeting we were forced to sit through, then the strings concert, then choir. Not usually that bad, but Simon and Emi were there, past bedtime by the time Olivia's concert started and tired of sitting down. But let me tell ya, they fell asleep fast once we got home! :)

Thursday was the boy's band concert, but the shorties and I stayed home and Billy recorded it. The whole family went to the Fall concert, so we thought it would be ok to just watch it at home. Billy said they did really well, I of course, as a bad mom, haven't watched it yet. Shhh....

While all that is going on, the boys had an English essay due this week and a book oral report to finish, so really, to be honest, the house was unpleasant. They get too much on their plate, get sick of hearing me going on about, this being due, that needing work... I get it. Good news is that it's Friday and as I type, Billy is getting the movie night set up. (Spy Kids 4 this week, Kevin's best friend was an extra in it, so the kids are excited to see him in it.)

I have been tying up loose end for gifts. Big kids and Emi are done, Simon not so much. Sigh... Don't ask why I am having trouble, I just need to buckle down and make a decision. Part of it is that their room isn't huge and everything I think he'd love I can't find room for. See what happens when you decide to have 5 kids? No room for toys! Boo! I will get it worked out soon. Matter of fact, I just bought him a guitar on earlier tonight. May drive me nuts, but he is always rushing to listen to the big kids practice their instruments and then pretends he has his own. :)

This week is all about stocking stuffers and teacher gifts. I always end up baking something and adding a Starbucks GC, I'm so uncreative... But this year I have middle schoolers, and they have 8 teachers... I may go broke with that... :)

Ok, movie has started and I'm being yelled at... Have a good Friday evening!

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