Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wet and Dreary Saturday...

Yuck... I know we should be grateful for whatever rain we can get in Texas, but it's hard to get moving when it's dark and damp outside. I can claim some success as last night we finally got it together and decorated the Christmas tree. All week it has been up with just lights, and I was getting frustrated. So tree is done, Little People Nativity is being dragged around the living room and I feel accomplished. :)

Today Billy needed to get some work done so I took the kids to Target for some shopping and it was so unpleasant. It's the 3rd of December, are we already cranky? I was bending down consoling Simon with a boo-boo and this charming lady practically shouted "EXCUSE ME". She can't have kids. I mean, really, if it is imperative that you get  to the lit up branches ASAP, let me move my giant basket so you can proceed.... By the way, can anyone explain the lit up branches to me? They're pretty at the store, but what do you do with them? I feel left out, as I do with most decorating ideas. :)

So now we are in limbo with Simon. They got home around 2pm yesterday, he was so loopy on the sedative he kept running into things. I couldn't wait for bedtime because you can't reason with a 3 year old about why he should stay on the couch. Of course they tell you nothing at the radiology place in the hospital, so I have to wait until our appointment next week. I don't believe the cp is in his brain. He is a bright kid with a quick wit. Not to mention just beautiful to look at.... Can you tell how smitten I am with this boy???

So the big boys are at a birthday party and so it will be a smaller version of us for dinner. I better clean this kitchen soon... Have a great Saturday, wet, cold, or just right....

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